Bunded Fuel Tanks

What is a bunded fuel tank

A bunded fuel tank is a tank within a second layer protective tank that prevents any spillages for example oil, diesel or any other types of fuels or liquid, the larger tank must hold a minimum off 110% of the smaller interior tank.  They are also known as double skinned tanks due to the extra layer of steel preventing the liquid escaping. These oil storage tanks or fuel storage tanks ensure that there are no spillages as this can be harmful to the environment, 2 litres of oil can be spilled in a normal sized swimming pool of fresh water and this can make the water undrinkable. The oil must be disposed of correctly this is where bunded oil tanks come into play.

Bunding, is also called a bund wall. It is a secondary retaining wall around storage container in which potentially polluting or hazardous substances are handled, processed or stored. The bunding act to contain any unintended escape of materials or substances from that containment area until such time as permanent solution can be taken.

Why should you buy Bunded Tank over a Plastic bunded tank?

With the recent reports of cheap plastic bunded fuel tanks and the bund wall failing in transit and causing contamination on farms and rural areas and causing unforeseen delays on building sites, now would be a good time to invest in a product that would serve you better long term. You can buy a bunded fuel tank for sale at Fuel safe UK knowing it has the advantage over plastic bunded tanks as they are more reliable and long lasting and are also a lot safer than plastic bunded fuel tank. You can purchase a cheap Bunded Tank and add on items from our Bunded Tank Accessories as an affordable option or add a Fuel Pump to create a fuelling station.

All our steel bunded oil tanks are fully compliant to UK Regulations


The control of pollution (oil storage) regulation of 2001 is applied within England,

This requires all industrial, commercial and civic tanks owners to provide a secondary containment facility to ensure that oil will not leak out and mix with water, examples of these containment facilities are bunded fuel tanks this regulation must be met if you store oil in a container greater than 200 litres above ground, or if 3500 litres of oil is stored at a domestic property.

Who uses bunded fuel tanks?

Many businesses may use bunded fuel tanks to dispose of waste or to store substances such as oil, petrol and diesel. Bunded fuel tanks are widely used by farmers within the farming industry as this is one of the most affective and safest forms of storage. Diesel is used a lot within the farming industry and is mainly stored within static tanks. Bunded tanks are a good way of keeping you plant machinery with a constant supply of fuel, The aviation industry also uses bunded fuel tanks to store fuel for the jets, this is because the tanks are double skinned which ensures that the fuel is safe and will not leak and cause any hazardous reaction for example a fire breaking out. Also these tanks last a long time due to the fact that they are made out of steel so businesses don’t have to invest as often to ensure that the tanks are up to standard.

We supply Building sites, farm yards, boat yards, hangers, Garages and many other locations that require fuel, oil or chemicals to be stored safely.

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